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I am a bilingual senior graphic designer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Concordia University, and nearly a decade of professional design experience.

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed making things rather than watching TV or playing games. Teaching myself Photoshop and HTML at age 15 inspired a great passion for web design. This passion persisted until I began to study graphic design in CEGEP, where I came to find my true design love: Print. Designing for print always brings me back to those moments as a kid where I held something in my hands that was once just an idea.

My career as a graphic designer began after a short detour through the decidedly uncreative world of finance and business administration. Before I graduated from Concordia University, I was hired as the lead graphic designer for the Concordia Student Union – a  job which prepared me for the proverbial real-world more than any course in university ever could. There I met what is now my normal: extremely tight deadlines, prospective projects that would never see the light of day, and the not-always-kind criticism of clients who are not your peers or professors. Despite the challenges being unexpectedly thrown into this job I felt ill-prepared for, I loved – and still love – the positive things about doing what I do: The hustle and bustle of tight deadlines, the shared creativity between colleagues, and the pride that comes with seeing a project through to the end.

Having the opportunity to work for many companies throughout my career, I have built up a wide range of design skills and experience. My first job outside the university walls, working at Karmin Industries, was entirely different from my job at CSU. I went from creating posters, signs and postcards to creating packaging for toys and stationery. Since that time, I have been lucky enough to design layouts for training programs at Taimma Communications; coordinate studio activities and design product catalogues and web graphics for Warren Garrett Interior Design; create even more, even better packaging for a second round at Karmin; and, finally, settle into agency life as the senior graphic designer creating branding, marketing materials, websites and advertising campaigns at Gestion Crackboom.

When I’m not working, I can usually be found lounging in my garden, out for a walk with my husband, or cuddling with my cat and a tea on the couch. I enjoy various crafting mediums and small sewing projects.

Creating isn’t just a job though, and I often have passion projects in the works. When I’m not working on personal projects, I keep busy by taking on a variety of graphic design projects for small businesses and events.

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